To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question.

Well, according to 70% of B2B decision-makers, delegating certain tasks and operations to an external company is the most effective way to ensure time-saving and cost-saving. 

There are numerous challenges that businesses are facing everyday. These challenges are not only caused by big historical events such as Covid-19, but are also caused by shifts on a smaller scale, like higher fuel prices or national strikes. 

There’s only so much a company can do. You can be a great logistics provider and you want to optimise your performances, but do you really think that creating an in-house machine learning algorithm is the best way to approach this or would you rather put the experts in charge?

Just some food for thought!

Benefit from top talent 

Adding machine learning solutions to your operations needs the expertise of highly trained technical staff. This is a rule set in stone. No amount of Coursera courses or self-teaching on YouTube will give you what you are looking for. 

You could hire data scientists and build an in-house model, but have you conducted a research on Glassdoor to see how much is the average salary of a data scientist or machine learning developer? 

In this case it is not about soft skills, it is all about technical hard skills that are developed through years of studying and training. The issue that you might be facing might be too complex for your staff to deal with. 

This is why working with a predictive analytics platform that turns small data into actionable insights is the best decision for you. We have a great team of machine learning developers who are eager to get their hands on your data to help you meet your targets from the get go, without any training required, only your spreadsheets. 

Precisely target your plans

Big data has been a buzzword for quite some time now. The new buzzword is small data. 

It means that the enormous amount of data that is around us is not of concern, your business data is. Outsourcing to TUBR means that you can execute highly targeted projects without impacting your core business. 

Do you want to improve your customer service experience without consistent data, but it is peak season for Christmas deliveries and you do not know where to start? 

TUBR is what you’ve been looking for. We have adopted a physics approach to understand how data is connected, validating gaps and recreate a system into a model in which external factors support the prediction. 

This means that we find relationships between the data and actively fill the gap to provide you with predictions that are reflected in the external environment. 

Multitasking is only enjoyable when your tasks are simultaneously eating and watching Netflix, not when improving your customer service experience while delivering Christmas presents.

Reducing costs 

By outsourcing your machine learning processes, costs will be reduced, profits will increase and your accountant will be happy.  



  • No equipment needed. To build machine learning models, you can’t get away by giving your machine learning developer a Lenovo Thinkpad. The cheapest model of a good computer suited for machine learning costs $1000. Multiply that by however many developers you have. 
  • Hiring and training costs slashed. No need for your recruiters to work around the clock and bill you hours to recruit the best candidate for the IT department. 

These are just two prime examples of how much you will save by outsourcing to a company who is going to provide you with all the predictions you need, without going bankrupt. 

Better data management and safety 

There’s nothing more unifying all businesses than the fear of not complying to GDPR regulations. 

A skilled and highly trained machine learning workforce understands the need of handling, storing and systematically managing small data on various platforms. 

Outsourcing to a predictive analytics platform such as TUBR reassures you that the company’s sensitive information is kept secure and far from malicious eyes. 


Ultimately, there’s many more reasons that go above and beyond the basics we’ve outlined here. TUBR is the company you want to work with if you want to reduce waste and optimise your assets efficiently and without breaking the bank. 

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