What TUBR offers and how it all works

What TUBR Does

TUBR’s machine learning platform gives you the power to make informed actions and predictions from complete and incomplete data sets.

Unlike other prediction engines TUBR uses a physic-based methodology to anticipate consistently changing trends. Our machine learning as a service can make predictions in real-time, 7, 14, and 21 days into the future allowing you to effectively manage your assets while reducing costs and improving customer experience.

Predictions on AI Graph: Actual vs Predictive

Our Stats

TUBR Accuracy

80-85% accuracy from the first model training and with a continuous learning model ensuring results improve over time. In a world, where traditional machine learning averages 75%, you won’t be disappointed with TUBR results.

Minimum amount of data

Traditional predictive technology requires full and complete datasets but we only need 20% of that data to generate predictions and business insights

TUBR vs. traditional time-series ML

Traditional Machine Learning

Statistical Methodologies

Statistical Machine Learning uses large amounts of data to identify patterns that have occurred in the past in order to understand when the same trends are going to occur again

Model depends on data

Assumes available data to be the only variables to represent what is happening in an area

Can't handle chaos

Does not account for chaos in an area

Requires lots of data

Requires the full and complete data to make predictions

TUBR Machine Learning

Physics Methodologies

Physics-based methodologies uses information about the dynamics of the area in which it’s predicting to inform the model as to what’s happening enabling the machine learning to identify a changing trend before it’s been seen before.


Model built dynamically

Understands all the elements that occur in an area and brings understanding from the available data

Accepts chaos

Accounts for chaos in an area

Requires enough data

Accepts sparse or partial inputs so the data you have is enough

How it works

Provide your data

Our advanced algorithm is accurate with complete or incomplete data

We analyse data

No “in-house” manual data crunching or data science capabilities is required

Get your predictions

In less than 21 days you can get your highly accurate predictions and insights

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